Mission Statement

To lead people into a life-changing, ever-growing relationship with Christ.

Core Values

  1. We value God's word as the divine revelation of God, His redemptive plan for man, and the authoritative guide for daily living.

    Goal: To create an environment where God's Word is declared, understood, and cherished; through sound biblical preaching, teaching, and training.
  2. We value making disciples as the primary function of the church in obedience to Christ.

    Goal: To mobilize members in reaching unbelievers with the Gospel of Christ, beginning in this community.
  3. We value authentic worship as the daily, genuine devotion of grateful believers to God.

    Goal: To encourage members to daily declare the supreme worth of God in private, family, and public settings; through singing, praying, giving and living for God's glory.
  4. We value biblical community as the evidence of God's love in the church.

    Goal: To provide opportunities for members to be engaged in the church, finding and utilizing their spiritual gifts; through Bible studies, encouragement, support, accountability and fellowship.
  5. We value families as the first God-ordained institution to foster godly culture.

    Goal: To promote spiritually healthy families by encouraging and training each member to live a God-centered life and to display God's glory in an ever-changing culture.