New Liberty is blessed with many godly men who serve as deacons and carry out the "Shepherding the Flock" ministry. The purpose of a deacon of New Liberty is to be a servant minister who cares for the members, who is a spiritual mentor to the members and who enables the members for ministry, thus enhancing the church's effectiveness in ministry and the overall health of the church.

Below, you will find a list of New Liberty's active deacons

Group Deacons Serve Families Whose Last Names Begin With
1 Travis Tidwell, Jerry Hooks, David Tobin A, D
2 Ken Wood, Tom Jackson, Brad Ainsworth B
3 Danny Reese, Terry Preuninger, David Lewallen C
4 Ken Marecle, Steve Moore, Glynn Raymer E-G
5 Bill Driskell, Frank Montana, Tony Gobar H-I
6 Stan Pollard, Bill LaVielle, Rick Whicker J-L, N
7 Bob Godfrey, Gary Harris, Jimmy Howell M
8 Raymond Johnson, Mike Fodge, James Beal O-P
9 Michael Gothard, Terry Edney, Bob Mason Q-R
10 Milton Davis, Kyle Cole, David Chacon S-V
11 Paul Price, Dink Norris, Marty Alonso W-Z