Worship - a celebration of our relationship with God

When I think about worship with our church family - I think Celebration! Each week we come together in corporate worship to celebrate the saving presence and grace of our living Lord. Here at New Liberty, biblical worship plays a major role in who we are as a church family. Our goal each week is not simply to create a flashy once-a-week experience but to develop in our church family the desire and passion for a lifestyle of worship. Musically - from the traditional hymns of the faith - to today's contemporary praise and worship songs - our services each week seek to take our family of faith on a spiritual journey: one that involves celebration, confession, testimony and evangelism. We try not to focus on styles or popular trends, but rather we seek to focus on the true meaning of worship: giving ourselves daily as living sacrifices to our mighty God, while praising and worshiping Him both individually in our homes and corporately here at church.

If you have never visited New Liberty, we would encourage you to begin by attending a worship service with us. When God's people lift their voices in praise and celebration - something eternal happens - lives are changed - Christ is exalted - and we receive a sense of purpose and community within the church family.