What is 31 Days Of Prayer?

The 31 Days of Prayer Challenge focuses on having ALL New Liberty members involved with

praying an hour of every day for 31 days straight. In partnership with the Strategic Planning Committee,

the challenge will help set the stage for carrying out God’s will for the future of New Liberty as we boldly

move forward trusting His direction and leadership.

The challenge is a call for New Liberty to unite with others around the globe, in the power of prayer, concerning our role in sharing Jesus with our community and the rest of the world.

How Does it Work?

Members will agree to pray for one hour each day for 31 days. Each day the member

will have a “Daily Prayer Focus” handout that will help guide them through the hour of prayer. The

“Daily Prayer Focus” includes scripture readings, a daily emphasis, global intercession and a focus

specifically for NLBC. The hour of prayer is broken down into 5 minute segments that help the prayer

warrior effectively use the time given and help them focus their prayers.

Please join us in committing to pray for an hour a day for 31 days

October 20 to November 20

Prayer isn’t merely
preparation for the work.
Prayer is the work!
— Oswald Chambers

Prayer Guide

How to pray for an hour a day! By dividing an hour into 12
five-minute segments you can easily pray daily for one full hour. 

prayer guide iso.jpg

Adore - Worship and acknowledge God for who He is - humble yourself before your Creator

Confess - Ask God to reveal and forgive personal sin

Thank - Give thanks to God for who He is and what He has done

Petition - Pray for personal needs

Scripture - Read and meditate on the verse of the day

Sing - Worship God in song

Appeal - Pray for the emphasis of the day (daily theme)

Nations - Pray for the world (map)

Journal - Write what God has brought to your mind

Request - Pray for others’ needs (NL specific requests)

Praise - Worship and enjoy God’s presence and peace

Surrender - Dedicate your day to God (pray for opportunities to share your faith)