New Liberty Intern Program

Intern Program


To invest in young leaders outside of the walls of seminary by providing them with a healthy church environment and leadership culture in which they can receive hands-on ministry experience to help them fall more in love with God and to be more prepared for ministry in the local church.


Applicants must have a strong sense of the Lord’s calling. Applicants must be in seminary/Bible college or have already been to seminary/Bible college and pursuing some type of vocational ministry.


Students will go through an application process. Up to two interns may be selected per period, per ministerial staff position.


What distinguishes our program from others is that the Intern will not only be put to menial tasks, but will also be given responsibility and authority for ministry. Because the internships are more hands-on and offer real world ministry experience, interns will help meet the staff’s needs, but more importantly, the staff will invest in future leaders, meeting the preparatory needs of interns. The goal is to set interns up for success, not just to get more work done. During the application process interns will have the option to choose their ministry mentor depending upon their goals for ministry.

The goal is to set interns up for success


Each intern will spend up to 20 hours per week in church activities and with his/her mentor. This is a non-paid position, however, the church will ensure that interns’ needs will be met.

Three Internships are offered:

2-Month Internship (may be over Summer break)

5-Month Internship

August - December

January - May

1-Year Internship (August - July)


Physically: Interns will be provided office space, and will be offered necessary items. 

Spiritually: Interns will meet often with the mentor about their spiritual disciplines.

Emotionally/Relationally: Interns will join a LifeGroup/Bible Study with those in their  same age group/season of life.


Interns will be trained following a simple model that will focus on the following:

Health: Spiritual disciplines

Head: Ministry training / Seminary education***

Heart: Shepherding the flock 

Hands: Life and leadership principles and practices

Each ministry mentor will have freedom when it comes to the intern meeting these 3 requirements (Health, Heart and Hands). Each section will differ depending on the intern’s goals for ministry.


Building Relationships / Church culture / Values / Mission / Personality and leadership tests / relational needs assessment

Spiritual Disciplines

Pastoral Care

Leadership Principles

Applied Ministry Project (Tailored to Interns ministry goals) / Exit Interview


Interns must attend Sunday morning service and all ministry activities that fall under their ministry mentor. Interns will meet with their ministry mentor at least once per week. Interns will be given authority in their mentors ministry not just tasks. Interns will clarify goals with their ministry mentor to make sure that they get the most of their intern experience. Interns will attend staff meetings and business meetings and other committee meetings if desired.


After internship we pray that each student who has gone through our program will begin either pastoring in a local church, serving in their own churches, begin to work for New Liberty or other churches in the area, or partner with a church-planting project/mission.